CNA Classes in Indiana

A lot of people have started become more mobile with their job and moving across the country for employment. Jobs are becoming more demanding and competitive. The downside to this is that the elderly, sick and infirm find that there is hardly any family around who can actually be of assistance in their time of need. This makes the job of a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant), a very critical one. Several Government approved institutes across the country provide quality CNA training. However, the training that certified nurse aids in Indiana receive is a tad different to that which is provided in other states. In Indiana, this is not just a segment of the Community College Experience. Here, most CNA training is conducted at high schools, career schools or longs-term care facilities. There is also a distinct difference between CNA and HHA (Home Health Aid) certification in Indiana. Dependent on your need, here are options of paid training, free training and low cost training Qualifications for being a CNA

In order to apply for a state-approved CNA course, you must :

-Be above 16 years of age

-Be able to read, write and converse in English

-Be able to do basic addition/ subtraction

-Have a valid Drivers Licence/ Photo ID proof

-Possess a Social Security number

-Should have no felonies registered against you in the last 7 years

-A GED/ High school diploma is not a prerequisite.

Successful Completion requirements

CNA training in INDIANA requires prospective candidates to undergo 30 hrs of classroom instruction that is lecture based. Post that, you have to go through 75 hours of hands-on clinical training. 16 hours of this has to be directly supervised.

All prospective CNA’s must undergo training through approved facilities only. The Regulatory Services site has a comprehensive list of county wise medical facilities in Indiana. The training includes Basic nursing skills

Everyday personal care training

Patient psychology analysis ,Interaction with dementia patients ,Assistance with ambulance services

Where you will work…

Successful completion of the CNA training offers several options for employment. Nursing homes, hospitals and private health agencies are the general venues that a CNA can find appropriate placement. Your duties…As a CNA,  the duties that you will normally perform include, helping the patient with maintaining personal hygiene, infection control, taking care of dietary requirements, administering treatments, reporting and above all, providing emotional support. Remember, that the people you tend to, are old/sick or infirm and have fears that you can help in allaying. There might be a slight variation in the duties of a CAN based on location. For example, if you are employed in a hospital, depending on the floor/ department that you work for, you might be assigned additional duties. Similarly, if you find employment as an HHA, you might have to handle responsibilities such as cooking and housework, which obviously are totally unrelated to medical training.No matter where you eventually find employment one thing that a CNA must remember is that your primary job is to provide the best possible patient care. Though duty is of paramount importance, traits like compassion, care and empathy are the foundation stones of evolving into a successful CAN.