CNA Classes Online – Everything you need to know !!

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a licensed and trained paraprofessional that is employed within the health care field. Their primary job is to assist RNs and LPNs with providing basic and routine care to patients. They perform tasks such as taking vital signs or helping them with cleaning their bodies. In order to become a CNA a person must meet a particular state’s requirements which include being properly trained and licensed for the job. People who are interested in this line of work can sign up for classes at a regular training program or they can take CNA classes online. About Online CNA Classes Many universities, colleges, public and private organizations offer CNA classes over the internet. They realize that many people might not be able to complete a traditional CNA training course. People have to work or take care of other responsibilities and this could interfere with them completing a class. In some cases, it would make more sense for a person to take an online CNA training course instead of commuting a great distance to finish a program. Ultimately, online programs offer convenience and flexibility for many people.

State Requirements for CNA Programs

Each state has their own unique set of requirements that a person must meet before they can become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Qualifications vary by each state but in most states they expect students to be at least 18 years old, to be a resident of the state where they are completing their courses and they usually want people to have a high school diploma or a GED before applying for a program.  Accredited Programs Completing an accredited CNA program is of the utmost importance because it is a requirement for certification. An accredited CNA programs proves to employers and CNA licensing boards that a person has been trained with the latest knowledge and techniques that CNAs need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Anyone looking to complete a CNA class online should be mindful of this requirement since it will help them to obtain their license.  

Online Programs

Anyone who is interested in an online training program can find one by contacting some credible organizations that make them available. The first place that a person should look for an online CNA program is at a local university or college. Hospitals might offer online training sessions as a part of their training programs. In some states places such as the Red Cross provides online training programs right along with traditional courses. Online courses can also be sponsored by private organizations that have the technology and means to make these programs available to people who are interested in the classes.  Courses After a person signs up for an online CNA program they will usually be given specific information about how and when to log on for courses. Students might be able to pick up course information from a designated location or it might be sent to them through email or their local post office. Students taking online classes will receive a syllabus or a schedule that will outline class requirements, dates and times they will need to sign into a session. The syllabus or schedule should also inform them about the required readings and assignments. Students will need a dedicated computer that will give them access to the program whenever they need to be logged in for classes. Trainees might also need a webcam so that they can participate in classroom discussions or lessons. Each organization has different ways of instructing their students and students must have the equipment to meet the specific technological requirements for a particular class. 

Clinical Work

CNA online programs cannot be fully completed on the internet. The reason being is that there is hands-on skills portion. The hands on skills portion of the program teaches a student how to perform basic functions such as taking a patient’s blood pressure, transportation techniques and how to properly clean a client. The skills portion of training will be completed at an on-sight location that has been designated by program’s sponsors. This will probably be the only time that a person will be required to meet up with their instructors and fellow classmates during instruction.


After a student completes a program they will be given an exam at an onsite testing facility. Unfortunately most organizations won’t allow students to take a CNA exam online. Students usually receive practice examination books as part of their course packet but this isn’t always guaranteed. After a student is able to take an exam they can then receive their certificates and be qualified to work as a CNA.

Cost of Online Training Classes

Online training programs will vary by cost and some could be as low as $300 or as high as $2000. Courses that take a longer time to complete typically cost a lot more money than those can be finished in a shorter amount of time. Courses given by universities, colleges and some training hospital facilities could also be higher in price. Students should check the pricing for a program that interest them to make sure they can cover the cost. Financial aid is available to students and some organizations will even arrange payment plans to help students with financing.

Program Hours for CNA Training Programs

Each state has different requirements for the amount of hours that a person must complete in order to finish a CNA training program. Some states require as few as 96 hours of training while others require students to complete 120 or more hours of coursework. Programs that take more hours to complete are usually accredited and they offer in-depth training. These types of programs might even allow them to receive a higher level of pay for the training that they received once they are employed. 

Considerations for Online CNA Training Programs

Students must make sure that the type of online training course that they choose to complete meets a state’s requirement for this field. They should also make sure that they have reliable transportation to complete the skills portion of training before they sign up for a class. Remember most CNA classes (even those online) require students to complete skills training at specified location. Classes typically take about two weeks or more to complete.