CNA Salary !

Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA is a professional tasked with offering the best possible health care to patients in order to expedite an effective cure. There is ever increasing demand for CNAs and this has made it quite a lucrative career.Many people are now pursuing this career but have no idea how much they will be taking home on completion of the course and certification. You will find out how CNA is paid in each state shortly.Determinants of CAN Salary Before we delve into this discussion, there are important factors you need to take into accountThe level of qualificationThe first thing is that CNA salary depends on the level of qualification. According to the nursing assistant certifying board, there are five attainable levels of CNA. These include 6-12 months of training, 2 years of Associated Degree in nursing, 4 years of training in Bachelor’s degree in nursing, e years Master Degree in nursing and then the highest possible level, which is Doctorate. The higher the qualification of the CNA, the higher his or her salary is.

The level of experience of the CNA

The other factor to be taken into consideration is the level of experience of the CNA. Those with have a lot of work experience are generally preferred and are paid higher compared to those with limited experience. This is because they need little or no career training and can work with minimum supervision.The employerWhere you work has a lot to do with how much you will be paid. CNAs can work in private offices of doctors, nursing homes, hospitals, learning institutions, rehabilitation centers as well as home-based medical services. Those who work in government run institutions or facilities are likely to earn much more than what their counterparts get from privately owned facilities.

The kind of CNA job

There are several categories of CAN jobs. The one you will get depends on your resume as well as experience. The highest paying CNA job in the United States of America is that dealing with census type work while the lowest paid is the caregiver personal assistant provider who takes home $ 46,000 and $17,000 respectively.

CNA Salary by State

Each state in the United States of America has it own governance structure. This includes rules and regulations that can affect health sector and therefore those who work there. It is not therefore strange that each state pays their CNAs differently although the ranges are not that much. The annual average salary of certified Nursing assistant in the United States of America is currently about $25, 420 with the highest pay being $ 37,440 and the lowest getting just under $20, 000. These figures change with time and the CNA job or career in question. They also depend in the level of experience of the CNA.Most states in the United States calculate the certified nursing assistant salary in terms of work hours. The highest paying state is Alaska at $14.36 per hour while the lowest paying state is Louisiana at about $7.57 per hours . The rest of the states pay annual salaries as follows but as already been mentioned, these figures are not static and may change with many variables.

Washington ($22,880 to $31,200)

Idaho ($ 18, 720 to $24, 960)

Montana ($20,800 to $29,120)

North Dakota ($20,800 to $31,200)

South Dakota ($20,072 to $ 27,040)

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois ($20,800 to $27,040)

Michigan ($20,800 to $24,960)

New York ($22,880 to $31,200)

Pennsylvania ($22,027 to $29,120)

Connecticut ($24,960 to $31,200)

Vermont ($20,800 to $29,120)

New Hampshire ($24,024 to $29,120)

Maine ($20,800 to $27040)

New Jersey, Mass ($24,906 to $31,200)

Rhode Islands ($23,920 to $39, 597)

Delaware ($21,840 to $29,120)

Maryland, District of Columbia ($22,800 to $31,200)

Virginia ($20,800 to $27,040)

West Virginia ($18720 to $21,840)

North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Missouri and Ohio ($18,720 to $24,960)

South Carolina ($18,720 to $24,440)

Florida ($20,800 to $25,000)

Hawaii ($22,880 to $31,200)

Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Utah ($18,720 to $ 22,880)

Indiana ($19,760 to $24,960)

Alaska ($24,960 to $ 31,200)

Texas ($20,800 to $31,200)

Illinois ($20,800 to $27, 040)

Iowa ($20,800 to $26,000)

Nebraska ($20,800 to $24,960)

Kansas ($19,760 to $24,960)

Wyoming ($ 20,800 to $29,120)

Colorado and Arizona ($21,840 to $29,140)

New Mexico ($20,800 to $27,040)

Oregon ($22,880 to $29,120)

Nevada ($24,960 to $31,200)

California ($21,840 to $ 31,200)

It goes without a shadow of doubt that these salaries are lucrative and even the lowest paying States give what is decent and respectable. So if you have been dreaming of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, then you have no course to worry because now you have what you are likely to be paid in your state. Equally, you have an idea of what it takes to earn more. Pursue your dream because it is worthy course.