Moving Up the Ranks form CNA to RN !

Nurses fall into many different levels based on their educational level. At the highest level of nursing job description is a Nurse Practitioner-PN. At the entry level position of a nurse is Certified Nurse Assistant-CNA and in between a Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Assistant is a Registered Nurse-RN. Working as a Registered Nurse require more education than a Certified Nursing Assistant because the responsibilities associated with the RN position are many.HistoryNursing started as a practice only for men.

The earliest nursing school which was established around 250 B.C. in India admitted only men. Nursing became formally recognized as a profession in the west during the Crimean war (i.e 19th Century). During this war, a lady known as Florence Nightingale started cleaning hospitals and hospital equipments and also organizing patient care. At the beginning of the 20th C, nursing education was primarily provided by hospitals, and not universities and colleges. By mid 20th C, nursing education was provided by nurse training programs.Differences between Certified Nurse Assistant and Registered Nurse.

1. Job duties

The job duties of a certified nurse assistant include basic patient care. CNAs shower patients, dress them and comb their hair. CNAs also help patients do basic functions like exercising, walking to the toilet and making the bed. In addition to the duties of the certified nurse assistants, registered nurses administer medication (i.e. oral medication and injections) to patients, assists with diagnostic tests and procedures, plan patient care and supervises the work of CNAs.TrainingAccording to United States of America Bureau of Labor Statistics-BLS certified nurse assistants do not need any degree. To become a certified nurse assistant one can either get on-the-job training or take basic nursing courses in a community college, vocational school or high school. On the other hand to become a registered nurse one has to go through one of the following three paths: Obtain a 2-year associate degree in nursing, obtain a 4-year bachelors degree in nursing or work towards a vocational diploma in nursing.

2. Pay scales

According to PayScale certified nurse assistants earn an average of 9.31 US dollars to 12.21 US dollars per hour. With work related bonuses, profit sharing and overtime, the average annual pay of a certified nurse assistant ranges between 19,916 US dollars and 27,419 US dollars. On the other hand registered nurses earn an average of 22.11 US dollars to 30.80 US dollars per hour. With work related bonuses, profit sharing and overtime the average annual pay of a registered nurse ranges between 46,865 US dollars and 67,451 US dollars.

Transitioning Certified nurse assistants can transition into Licensed Practicing Nurse-LPN through online study. LPN is a nurse level that is between certified nurse assistant and Registered nurse. Once a LPN you can take the necessary programs offered in various institutions to become a registered nurse.Job prospectsAccording to Bureau of Labor Statistics there are excellent employment opportunities for registered nurses and certified nurse assistants. While RNs work in doctor’s offices and hospitals, most CNAs work in long term health care facilities or hospitals.LicensingRegistered nurses are typically subject to very strict licensing requirements. They must pass NCLEX-RN examination before being licensed to work.

According to BLS the licensing requirements for certified nursing assistants vary from state to state and employer to employer U.S.A government requires nursing assistants working in both private and public nursing homes MUST complete at-least 75 hours approved training and pass a set test. How to migrate from certified nursing assistant to registered nurse.Migration from certified nursing assistant to registered nurse is a two step process that involves transition from certified nursing assistant (CNA) to licensed practicing nurse (LPN) then to registered nurse (RN) i.e. CNA to LPN to RN.(i). CNA to LPN: To become LPN you have to successfully undertaking CNA to LPN bridge programs. This certificate programs are available at technical/ vocational schools, community colleges and online.

These programs last for a year and they teach students on how to measure vital signs like blood pressure and breathing patterns and help doctors carry out various medical precedures.(ii).LPN to RN: To graduated to a registered nurse a LPN must successfully complete either a two year associate degree in nursing or a four year bachelor degree in nursing. The two year program takes 2 to 3 semesters to complete and mandates at-least 30 credits.

CNAs AND RNa are very important health care professionals.